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I’m Vickie, your guide on a transformative journey towards personal and familial growth. Whether you’re seeking a captivating keynote speaker, transformative workshops, or personalized coaching, Dragonfly Paradigm is your destination for nurturing resilience and fostering thriving family dynamics.

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In the realm of keynote speaking, I bring a unique blend of personal storytelling and resilience advocacy to various professional arenas, making it pertinent and inspiring for diverse audiences seeking growth. My lived experience, particularly overcoming challenges related to being born with a facial difference, adds a relatable and authentic dimension to the narrative. This makes the insights shared universally applicable, resonating with individuals, parents, and professionals across a wide range of fields.

Workshops & Courses

Embark on a transformative journey through our engaging online courses, where Vickie’s lived experiences and resilience advocacy merge to inspire and guide. Elevate your understanding with immersive in-person workshops, crafted to foster resilience in diverse settings. Explore our free downloadable materials, unlocking a treasure trove of insights curated by Vickie, blending relatable stories and actionable strategies.


Begin your personalized journey of growth with Dragonfly Paradigm’s coaching and one-on-one services. Vickie brings a unique blend of personal and professional expertise to guide you through life’s challenges. In tailored sessions, delve into self-discovery and empowerment, drawing on Vickie’s lived experiences and resilience advocacy for a profound and relatable perspective. Whether you’re navigating personal hurdles, seeking to enhance parenting skills, or aspiring to grow as a leader, one-on-one services provide a supportive space for transformative change.

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