Welcome to Dragonfly Paradigm, Where Resilience Meets Inspiration.

Imagine a life where challenges become stepping stones and your family thrives together.

That’s the journey I guide people on at Dragonfly Paradigm.

My name is Vickie, and I’ve seen firsthand how building resilience can transform families. Maybe you’re looking for a speaker who can spark inspiration at your next event, or perhaps you’d like practical tools to navigate everyday challenges at home. Whatever your needs, Dragonfly Paradigm offers a range of options to help you build a stronger, more resilient family unit.

Here’s the best part: This journey is anything but ordinary. We ditch the dry lectures and focus on interactive workshops and personalized coaching that fit your unique situation.

Ready to see your family blossom? Let’s chat and see how Dragonfly Paradigm can help you unlock your family’s full potential.

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Work with Vickie


Picture this: You’re captivated by a speaker who weaves personal stories of overcoming challenges with inspiring calls to action. That’s what Vickie does as a keynote speaker.

Her journey, growing up with a facial difference, isn’t your typical keynote speech. It’s about resilience, plain and simple. She shares how she navigated challenges and uses those experiences to spark something real in your audience.

The best part? Her message isn’t just for one type of person. It resonates with individuals, parents, and professionals across the board. Because let’s face it, everyone faces challenges, and everyone deserves to feel empowered.

Ready to spark inspiration in your audience? Let’s chat and see how Vickie can craft a keynote that resonates with your unique group.

Workshops & Courses

Ready to unlock your inner strength? Dragonfly Paradigm offers a range of exciting ways to build resilience, no matter your learning style.

Dive into Vickie’s story! Her online course is packed with her relatable experiences and practical tips, guiding you on your own journey of resilience.

Want to take it a step further? Vickie’s in-person workshops are immersive experiences designed for all kinds of settings, from families to workplaces. She ditches the stuffy lectures and focus on real-life scenarios, helping you build resilience together.

Looking for a quick boost? Check out the free downloadable resources! Vickie’s curated a collection of insights, blending her inspiring stories with actionable strategies you can use right away.

There’s something for everyone at Dragonfly Paradigm! Let’s chat and see which program is the perfect fit for your needs.


Life throws curveballs – but you don’t have to face them alone! Dragonfly Paradigm’s one-on-one coaching helps you navigate any challenge and build unshakeable resilience.

Think of it as having Vickie by your side as your personal guide. Drawing on her own experiences (the triumphs and the tough times!), Vickie will help you tap into your inner strength and discover solutions that work for you.

Our sessions are all about you! We’ll ditch the generic advice and focus on what truly matters – your goals and aspirations. Whether you’re tackling personal hurdles, mastering the art of parenting, or aiming to become a more confident leader, Vickie will create a supportive space for you to blossom.

Ready to unlock your full potential? Let’s chat and see how Dragonfly Paradigm’s one-on-one coaching can help you chart a course for lasting change.

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    Ready to build resilience and thrive? Vickie uses her personal story and expertise to guide individuals, families, and professionals on journeys of self-discovery and growth. Dragonfly Paradigm offers captivating keynotes, inspiring workshops, and personalized coaching – all designed to help you unlock your inner strength. Let’s chat and see how Vickie can empower you to create lasting change.

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