Dragonfly Paradigm was born out of a desire to build the type of community that I so desperately wanted when I was growing up with a bilateral cleft lip and palate.

It is the mission of Dragonfly Paradigm to be a source of support for members of the the cleft community and share resilience building resources, strategies, tools, and tips.

Whether you are a cleft affected individual or a parent or caregiver of a cleft affected child, Dragonfly Paradigm is here for you wherever you may be on your cleft journey.

If you are a member of the cleft community, looking for connection with others that truly understand what the cleft journey is like, then you are in the right place.

Here are just a few of the topics Vickie covers within this community.

  • Meeting Others in the Cleft Community
  • A Safe Space to Share Your Feelings
  • How to Deal With Bullying
  • Building Trust Between You and Your Child
  • Recognizing Warning Signs of Dangerous Coping Mechanisms
  • Finding Ways to Boost Confidence and Self Esteem
  • Empower Your or Your Child to Ask For Help
  • Building A Positive Self-Image
  • How to Talk About Your Facial Difference With Others
  • Setting Appropriate Boundaries

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What Dragonfly Paradigm Offers

Take a look at the various way you can connect with Vickie and others in the cleft community.


  • Newsletters
  • In Person Events


  • Raising Resilient Children Online Program
    • Experience a transformative journey in parenting through my unique framework—the nine building blocks of emotional resilience. Empower your kids to thrive while nurturing deeper family connections on this self-paced, insightful path.


Reach out to inquire on booking Vickie for your event.

Topics can include the following, or ask about a custom topic:

  • Bullying
  • Building Your Own Skills of Resilience
  • Setting Boundaries Over What You Share about Your Cleft
  • Helping Your Child Talk About Their Facial Difference
  • Helping Your Child Build Their Skills of Resilience
  • Compassionate Communication (for parents and medical professionals)

The Woman Behind Dragonfly Paradigm:

Vickie Stolle is the founder of the company Dragonfly Paradigm – A Cleft Resilience Community. She is a writer, speaker, pianist, general aviation pilot, relentless list maker, book lover, strategy builder, and is also a woman born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate. Vickie knows from firsthand experience the emotional challenges one goes through living with a facial difference. As a result, she has built a community wherein she shares strategies and tools for building and maintaining emotional resilience for cleft affected individuals as well as parents and caregivers of cleft affected children.

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