The word “paradigm” perfectly encapsulates my vision – to change the way people think about life’s challenges.

My journey began with facing challenges head-on. Growing up with a facial difference taught me resilience at a young age. But that experience also led me to a place of deep self-acceptance and ignited a passion in me to help others embrace their own unique stories and build confidence.

Listen to this clip as I share about the book that helped me fully accept myself and take ownership over my story in a full and complete way.

Like so many of us, I’ve been through my fair share of ups and downs in life. But those challenges also taught me the incredible strength we all have inside – resilience! That’s why I began this work, so help others change the way they view their circumstances and build their inner power.

Think of me as your personal resilience coach! I’ve learned a lot from my own experiences, and as a certified WISDOM coach, I want to share those tools and strategies to help you and your family bounce back from anything life throws your way, not just survive, but truly thrive!

Dragonfly Paradigm was born from my own experiences, and I use a blend of real-life stories, practical tools, and some serious heart to help you develop the skills you and your child need to become your most resilient selves.