Inner Beauty


A few weeks ago my family and I took a short trip to the Washington Coast (don’t worry..we adhered to all COVID protocols, as well as us having been vaccinated). It was beautiful trip and it felt so good to get away for a few days to a different place. Just being within 4 different walls other than those of my own house felt like a treat! The trip also provided a lesson on learning to honor our inner beauty.

Unexpected Beauty

On one of our many excursions to the beach, I happened to come across this perfect mussel shell. It had been feasted upon by some hungry seagull, but the shell itself was completely intact. On the outside it looked like any other worn, tough, and weathered mussel shell, but on the inside, it gleamed with the beautiful colors of white, purple, and pearl. When I saw it, it struck me that it almost looked like angel’s wings in the way that the colors fanned out from the center of the shell. So beautiful and gorgeous. It was truly breathtaking.

The Days Since

I find myself thinking a lot about how, if that shell was turned over and its inside not visible to me, I would have walked right on by and missed out on seeing the beauty of that shell.  Its inner beauty hidden from the world and my world would be less beautiful than it is now.

More Than Just a Pretty Shell

Can there be a better metaphor for why we should not hide our inner beauty from our world? I think not. So why do we hide? Why do we retreat from showing our true selves to others? One word comes to mind immediately. FEAR. Bottom line, we are afraid. Afraid of feeling embarrassed, rejected, less-than, stupid, vulnerable, and any other word you want to fill in.  Fear can be quite the motivator when it wants to. We will do just about anything to not feel afraid. (If you missed last week’s blog post, I get into the topic of being uncomfortable. You can click here to check it out).

There are many ways that we try to protect ourselves from fear. One of the most common ways is to put up barriers and walls between yourself and the world. If you don’t show who you are to others, then how can you get hurt, right? Well, my dear, you are not avoiding fear and pain at all. You ARE being hurt, but not by other people. You are hurting yourself.

The more you push down your true spirit and hide away, all in the hopes of not being hurt, you are doing major damage to yourself. You are essentially numbing yourself to the world, and that is no way to live. We were given the capability to feel emotions for a reason, and I believe that one of those reasons is to be able to understand others. Life is meant to be felt. And there are lessons to be learned from it all.

How To Let Your Inner Beauty Shine

So, are you going to continue to hide away and not show this big ol’ world all of your inner beauty? Please don’t. I am asking you to step out of the numbness and take a brave first step to honoring yourself and showing up for your life. You have wonderful gifts, and they are meant to be shared with those around you.

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