The ABK’s of Yard Sales: Always Be Kind

Last weekend my family had a yard sale. It was a good way to rehome a lot of my daughters’ clothes and toys that she had outgrown (the girl grew over an inch in 6 weeks, so she basically had to get a whole new wardrobe), and miscellaneous household items that we had collected over the past several years. I love a good clean out from time to time, don’t you?! My daughter also got to have her very first lemonade stand (she’s been asking to do it since January) and I learned something new about her. That girl has the sales gene.

I don’t have it..

I have never been skilled at sales. In college I took a beginning sales class and was torture! I felt confident speaking in front of people right up until the point I need to “sell”, and then my throat closes, and I can’t remember what it is I want to say. It just feels unnatural!

She’s got it..

Not for my kid though. The moment the first person showed up to our house, it was like she hit her “on” button. She was engaging, personable, pleasant, and genuinely interested in what the people were saying in response to her questions. Let me tell you, the minute she made her first 25 cents from her first cup of lemonade, she was hooked! As soon as anyone got out of their car, they first thing they heard was, “Would you like to try some of my fresh lemonade?” It was adorable.

Everyone gets a piggy bank..

But she did not stop there. As the day went on, she grew more confident in her ability to talk to the people who stopped by. She walked around our tables of items, picking up one here or there, and making conversations with her customers. Watching this usually reserved little girl come out of her shell and be self-assured enough to engage and sell to people she did not know was amazing. And let me tell you, she sold 4, count them 4, gigantic ceramic baby piggy banks. She’s that good.

As she worked her magic and sold countless ceramic knick-knacks to the people who came to our yard sale, I was filled with pride but also awe. I kept thinking to myself “How is she so comfortable talking to these people she doesn’t know? I was never like that when I was her age.”, and “Look at her be so at ease making sales, like it’s no big deal!”. It was amazing. She is an amazing little girl.

Keep it simple..

So, what was her secret? After our sale was done, I asked her how it was that she was so comfortable talking to these people she had never met and selling to them. She said two things in response – that she was having fun, and that she wanted to be kind to them.  

It is as simple as that, my friends. Do you want to feel as confident and at ease in your life as my 7-year-old daughter selling old picture frames and giant baby piggy banks? Have fun and be kind. Leading with kindness will bring joy to not only those your meet throughout your day, but also to you too. It’s a win-win.


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